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Our Engraving Processes

Our Engraving Processes


Stone wheel engraving is an age old art form of glass engraving that is not commonly practiced in the world today. With newer technologies stone wheel engraving has become a dying art.

The process of this techniques begins with preparing the carborundum stone wheels that are used to cut into the glass. These wheels are driven with a belt on a lathe that carries a range of interchangeable spindles. Each stone wheel is hand mounted onto these spindles prior to dressing them. To dress the stone wheels for engraving the artist carefully shapes each one using diamond and stone dressing tools. The shaping is an intricate process that will allow for different effects to be created by the artist with the appropriate wheel.

To engrave glassware, the artist is looking though the glass and working on the reverse side, each letter is cut both upside down and backwards. Temporary guidelines are sketched onto the glass however no stencils or templates are used.

There will be variations in the lettering, spacing and designs of each hand cut glass, this is the beauty and character of the art. Each piece is truly a one-of-a kind original.


Sandblasting uses blasted air at a high velocity, propelling a stream of sand against the glass at a high pressure causing it to cut away and etch the glass. While each glass is sandblasted by hand, sand etching does allow for a more uniform finish while offering a deeper finish than laser etching.


Rotary Drill engraving is done by hand with a diamond burr using a high speed rotary drill tool. Each letter is hand written and engraved permanently into the glass. No two letters are exactly the same, variations are to be expected and appreciated as part of the hand crafted technique.